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Revenuecat <> SAO partnership and scaling Apple Search Ads using both platforms.

Last updated: Mar 19, 2024

Revenuecat SAO (Search Ads optimization) Apple Search Ads

Revenuecat <> Search Ads Optimization (SAO) partnership

The partnership between Revenuecat and Search Ads Optimization (SAO) means our mutual clients can scale their apps’ Apple Search Ads user acquisition strategy with minimal effort. Revenuecat takes away the pain of subscription management and enables app developers and companies to experiment with subscription pricing and paywalls with multiple integrations across iOS, Android, and Stripe.

While Revenuecat is not an MMP, their SDK supports Apple Search Ads attribution with a single line in the SDK configuration in the app. That means you can effectively measure revenue generated from Apple Search Ads campaigns. Apple Search Ads attribution is included in all Revenuecat plans, including a free tier plan, which makes it helpful for all app developers regardless of scale. You can refer to documentation for Apple Search Ads integration with Revenuecat, and the documentation for Revenuecat integration with the SAO platform in order to take advantage of the partnership.

Scaling Apple Search Ads using both Revenuecat and Search Ads Optimization (SAO)

By utilizing both Revenuecat and SAO, app developers can automate user acquisition and in-app experimentation. They can then focus on improving an app's features and user experience in order to create those "a-ha" moments and provide value to users.

Apple Search Ads is a proven, effective, high-intent channel that's easy to set up for app developers globally. While the Revenuecat platform handles subscription management, paywalls, and pricing experiments, the SAO platform uses Revenuecat's attribution data to scale Apple Search Ads profitably. The SAO platform utilizes campaign, ad group, and keyword cohort revenue metrics and scales revenue-generating keywords automatically using advanced AI algorithms.

Feel free to contact us for learning more on how to scale your app growth using both SAO and Revenuecat for your Apple Search Ads channel.

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