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About Us

We are primarily data science and engineering oriented company who also developed few apps. When we first deployed our apps in the app store, our traction was low and we started Apple search ads campaigns. Our initial bids didn't get any impressions, and when we increased our bids, most of our budget went to non-converting keywords. Both the campaigns and our budget suffered from poor performance. We spent months researching and implementing best practices with little success and much frustration.

As mentioned earlier, because we are app developers, we didn't have enough time to waste months optimizing our campaigns every day. So we started looking for solutions. All the third-party services we came across were enterprise gated, meaning we'd have to spend $$$$ even to get basic automation, and even then, the automation those services provided weren't advanced enough when we used trials of them.

Fortunately, we have nearly a decade of data science and data engineering experience between us. So, four years ago, we decided to take it upon ourselves to build an advanced AI optimization tool geared towards Apple Search Ads from scratch. Once we implemented the AI optimization, our search ads campaign conversion ratios improved significantly with less spending consistently.

For the past three years, we have worked on improving our AI and algorithms while using our apps as live targets. A few months ago, we decided to create a platform to make this service available to anyone looking to optimize their Apple search ads campaigns very easily, saving time and money. We got approved by Apple to be a third-party service provider for Apple Search Ads.

We still use our AI for our Apple search ads campaigns of our apps today, which allows us to be in our user's shoes while we add more features to our service. We hope our service benefits you. You can always contact us via the channels listed in the footer (scroll to the end of the page), and we are open to conversations and feedback on features to make our service even better.