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Announcing FREE Forever plan for Apple Search Ads Optimization platform (SAO) for a limited time.

Last updated: October 14, 2023

Note: All slots for Free forever plan have been filled. Free forever plans are no longer available untill further notice.

Here's what you get in the free forever plan that can take your ASA campaigns to the next level:

  • ROAS/Event tracking - Measure your revenue, ROAS, and event conversions correlating to your ASA campaigns, ad groups, and keywords. You can easily integrate ASA attribution sources like AppsFlyer, Reveneuecat, Adapty, etc., with the SAO platform or even your custom attribution solution.

  • State-of-the-art data visualization - You can understand your ASA performance within seconds across your apps, campaigns, ad groups, and keywords (including with bid change history).

  • Keyword suggestions - Discover new keywords to incorporate into your campaigns and their relevant metrics.

  • Impression share reporting - No need to implement a complex process to get impression share for your keywords.

  • Unified reporting - A unified reporting interface where you can drill into campaign, ad group, and keyword ASA metrics in a single, customizable view.

  • App Store Intelligence - Track your app's performance within the app store (coming soon).

Why the free plan?

Based on the feedback we received from many small and indie developers, it's apparent that they are struggling with their Apple Search Ads campaigns. As we started as a small app developer company ourselves, we are enabling these small app companies and developers to take their ASA campaigns to the next level with our Free Forever plan.

What's the process for Free plan?

When you sign up for our SAO platform and integrate your ASA account, you can use for 14 days all the PRO features like AI automation, ROAS optimization, and event-based optimization to reduce CPA and scale revenue. After this free trial, if you choose not to continue the PRO plan, your account will be seamlessly converted into the Free plan, where you can continue using our free features depending on eligibility.

Who are eligible?

Any app company or developer that are currently running Apple Search Ads campaigns (subjected to fair use).

Additionally, they have to be a "valid user" meaning the user has to sign up to the SAO platform and integrate their ASA account to the SAO platform while the Free Forever plan is available.

Who are not eligible?

In order to accommodate as many eligible users as possible, we've implemented some restrictions as specified below.

  • Currently, the Free Forever plan is not applicable to agencies and consultants. If you are an agency or consultant, please contact us on the pricing page for volume pricing.

We also reserve the right to remove Free plan access to any users that fit the below criteria.

  • We may prompt any user in the future to a paid plan who has a large number of apps, campaigns, ad groups, and keywords that are disproportionately consuming our resources allocated for our free plan users. For example, an ASA account with a large size such as more than 5 apps, or 50 campaigns, or 100 ad groups, or 1000 keywords is not considered "fair use".

  • Inactive and/or invalid users such as user who hasn't logged in for more than 6 months or users with no ASA ad spend in 6 months.

  • Users with more than two ASA accounts or campaign groups.

  • Any user that are breaking our terms and conditions or engaging in abusive practices such as scraping, DDOS, reverse engineering, etc.,

In case of questions, please contact us regarding the Free Forever plan in the channels in the footer section.

How long is the Free Forever plan available to new users?

We may stop Free Forever plans for new users in the future after the free slots run out without notice. In that case, the users who sign up and integrate ASA accounts to the Free Forever plan now will be grandfathered in (they will get to keep using the Free plan). If you are an app developer or company, sign up and integrate your ASA account if you would like to take advantage of the Free Forever plan.

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